Gleason Wins Key Endorsement Over Incumbent Gerson

The Downtown Independent Democrats (DID) voted last night to endorse challenger Pete Gleason in the First District City Council primary against incumbent Alan Gerson. We received a late night email from the club's president, Sean Sweeney, saying the vote was 64-52. In some ways, the result was not a surprise. Some political insiders were taken aback two weeks ago when Gerson barely squeaked out a win at the endorsement meeting of his home club, the Village Reform Democratic Club. But Gleason, a former cop and firefighter (now an attorney), is a favorite son of the DID. Sweeney has been openly critical of Gerson, saying he does not serve his constituents effectively. Other members were upset that Gerson supported Mayor Bloomberg's bid to extend term limits. But in the last few weeks, Gerson had been packing the club with his supporters. We'll have more details later.