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FEATURED ARTIST: LostLES Creator Michael Brown

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We stopped by the opening of LostLES, Michael Brown’s debut art installation, at Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop on Rivington Street Friday night. He teamed up with longtime friend, Tiny’s owner Kevin Gregor, to create a panoramic mural inspired by the camera obscura photography of Abelardo Morell. That’s Kevin and Michael above- Michael is showing us a “tiny” example’s of Morell’s work on his IPhone.

The shop, which has two plate glass windows looking out on one of the neighborhood’s more lively corners, seemed like the perfect venue for, as Michael puts it a celebration of the “vivid character of the Lower East Side through its distinct architectural heritage.” Michael projected an image of a tenament building on Orchard Street on the wall and ceiling of the shop — a guide for the scenic artists who actually painted the mural. As he told EV Grieve, “The resulting effect will appear as a cast silhouette, or reflection,
of the old architecture that has redefined the sculptural space of the

You can see the installation at least through September at Tiny’s Giant Sanwich Shop, 129 Rivington Street.

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