“American Girl” Rebecca Rubin Pays Homage to LES Roots


The new American Girl doll, Rebecca Rubin, will debut on Sunday morning (9am) at the company's retail store on 5th Avenue and 49th Street. If you haven't been following the hoopla, Rebecca is the newest historical character from the Wisconsin Company (bought out by Mattel) with a huge following among, as the New York Times put it "the female 7-12 year old set."

She's 9 years old, living on the Lower East Side in 1914. Rebecca will retail for $95. The author of a series of accompanying biographical books about Rebecca, Jacqueline Dembar Greene, will be on hand at the store Sunday afternoon (330-530pm) for the big event. Then on June 7, there will be a special lunch at the store to "meet" Rebecca, followed by a trip downtown to tour the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. There are similar events on June 29th and August 10th. Tickets are $75 per person, enough to make Rebecca's Russian immigrant family plotz! More info on American Girl's web site.