Best Pizza: Nonna’s LES Pizzeria (Readers’ Choice)

nonna's pizza

You’re not going to find the Lower East Side on any lists of the best pizza neighborhoods in New York City. After all, it’s a tough town. But there are still plenty of options for a satisfying, “on-the-go” slice. Two old favorites, Rosario’s and Nonna’s, duked it out for the top spot.

Nonna’s won out by just three votes. Devotees of this place love the “grandma’s magic square slice,” which features a slow-cooked homemade marinara sauce that’s sweeter than your usual New York pie, and is topped with creamy mozzarella. Nonna’s also offers a pretty phenomenal stuffed artichoke slice, which is made by placing a whole artichoke on a bed of cheese and creamed spinach. It’s a top choice for fast delivery. In addition to pizza, readers told us they really like Nonna’s pasta dishes and sandwiches.

Nonna’s LES Pizzeria
105 Clinton St.
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