Snow Day on the L.E.S., Take Two

There wasn't too much traffic on the Williamsburg Bridge bike lane.

Schools closed, traffic snarled and most mass transit stuttered, but for those who ventured around the Lower East Side and the East Village on foot today, there was plenty of snowy scenery to appreciate.

Wednesday’s one-two punch of a storm that ended in the wee hours of Thursday brought record-breaking snowfall, making January 2011 the snowiest ever. With an official measurement of 19 inches in Central Park, the storm ranks as the eighth largest snow storm in New York history. (The Dec. 26, 2010, blizzard ranked sixth.)

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Giant Snowman at Essex and Canal

Essex Street and Canal. Photo by Bridget Bosworth.

Thanks to Bridget Bosworth for brightening our day with this photo of a monster snowman at the corner of Essex and Canal. Wowza.