PS 110 Students Explore a Collision of Dinosaurs and Robots at Pop-up Exhibit

Students from PS 110 examine electronic creatures created by Christiaan Zwanikken, at a pop up exhibit promoting Convento, a new documentary screening at The Margaret Mead Festival. Photos by Evan Meszaros.

Yesterday, 25 Lower East Side children known as Josh Ditzion’s 4th Grade Class at PS 110, had what may be the least boring field trip of their young lives.

As they approached the 77th Street entrance of the American Museum of Natural History, they were met by Jarred Alterman, the director of a new one-of-a-kind documentary film called Convento, and his protagonist, internationally renowned Dutch artist Christiaan Zwanikken.

To celebrate Convento’s inclusion in the Museum’s Margaret Mead Festival, the longest running international film festival in the United States, the Museum’s powers green lit the first ever “pop up exhibit” within its hallowed walls—installed in the lobby, right near the iconic 33 foot canoe carved from a single large cedar tree that Holden Caulfield so greatly admires in Catcher in the Rye.