Target Margin’s “Inn” Offers a Macabre Evening

Target Margin3

The (*) Inn. Photo by Erik Carter.

The shtetl is haunted. Many of the Lower East Side’s Jewish immigrants of the early 19th Century came from such small shtetls, villages in Eastern Europe full of superstition and also vibrant culture. These explode onto the stage in Peretz Hirschbein’s The (*) Inn, put on by Target Margin Theatre at Henry Street Settlement’s Abrons Art Center.

Directed by David Herskovitz, the action follows a farming family who lives across from an abandoned inn. Strange lights play across the inn’s windows at night and spirits whisper from its walls. But the family accepts this with rather gleeful nonchalance until the father decides to wed his eldest daughter and as her dowry knock down the crumbling building and rebuild it as a way for her and her new husband to make income off travelers that will surely stop at the restored and ghost-free old country bed and breakfast.