Dah Shop Celebrates 10 Years on Division Street

Photo by Alain Levitt.

Photo by Alain Levitt.

Thanks to Alain Levitt for this photo from Sunday’s celebration at Dah Shop. The bike shop at 134 Division St. has been a big part of the block for 10 years. Here’s more about Dah Shop, and more about owner Tyrone Williams.

Bikes and Brotherhood at Dah Shop

Dah Shop, 134 Division Street. Photos by Jonathan Zalman.

The one block stretch of Division Street, that tiny nook-like road that bridges Canal and Allen, is an enclave of interesting small businesses, including Dah Shop. Its somewhat hidden location makes this bike shop feel more like a hip neighborhood spot, which it is. But don’t confuse cool with kitsch. The attitude, aptitude and service at Dah Shop is not part of some trend. It’s a way of life as well as a hangout for a diverse group of individuals — from angsty High School freshmen, to niche BMX celebrities, and babyseat-toting parents from across the East River.

Dah Shop, which opened in 2008 at 134 Division St., is owned and operated by Tyrone “Rone” Williams and Qian “Q” Who, who’ve been friends for over a decade. The ties that bind their friendship—values like loyalty, perseverance, autonomy, and community—jelled into a business partnership, yet began within each of them as individual mantras.