Ken’s Music Pick: Dirt Heavy at Bowery Electric

Dirt Heavy

Dirt Heavy are an alt-country rock band out of Nashville, TN. Spawned from a meeting of the minds by Matt Haeck (pronounced ‘Heck’) and CT Stephenson, two songwriter souls walkin’ around in landscapers’ bodies.

In that context, it’s easy to envision the name ‘Dirt Heavy’ being inspired by a hot Tennessee workday, full of slinging gravel and mulch, with sweaty, Hulk-speak voices grunting “dirt….heavy”.  That kind of scene is a very fitting genesis for the duo, as it’s in this same fashion that Haeck and Stephenson hoist and hurl loads of imagery and language around, getting scraped and filthy in the pursuit of a good day’s work and good day’s pay.

PT Walkley Playing In the Hood Tonight


The indie musician PT Walkley has sent us word that he will be playing at The Bowery Electric (Bowery and 2nd St.) tonight at 9:45pm. You can check out his music and videos on his website, as well as his myspace page here, and find out a little more about him and his self-released album, "Mr. Macy Wakes Alone", on Billboard.

If you are a musician having a show in the neighborhood, let us know!