Artist LNY Takes Over Ideal Glass with “The Golden Hour”

“Golden Hour” by LNY ( is the latest mural to take over Ideal Glass at E. 2nd Street. Photo by Luna Park (

The artist LNY is the latest to make a statement on the Ideal Glass storefront at 22 E. 2nd St.  The mural, “Golden Hour,” kicks off the 2013 Fourth Arts Block Public Art Program, ArtUp, curated by Keith Schweitzer. The Ecuadorian artist is based in New York, but travels the world doing street art and working on fascinating projects with urban youth – like this one.

In describing this mural, the artist says, “Its based on a couple of things; a beached whale found dead in NYC after Sandy, the battle between nature and human technology and the economic factors that facilitate this situation. The whole image should read as this struggle for survival between the whale/oil transit ship and the two headed heron snake that represents nature turning to technology by literally changing its body from one end to the other… I also decided on a title “Golden Hour” after the medical term meaning the period of time after traumatic injury during which treatment is most likely to prevent death.”

For more on LNY, there is a nice interview with him here. Click through for more photos of this impressive work of art.

Know Hope Gets “Stampeded” on E. 2nd Street – Your Afternoon Street Art

"STAMPEDED" by Know Hope - Curated by ArtUP - at 22 E. 2nd Street. Photo by photo is by Udom Surangsophon.

Thanks to curator Keith Schweitzer for sending along this photo and most excellent video of his latest project, a mural on E. 2nd Street (at 2nd Ave.) by street artist Know Hope.  The piece is title “STAMPEDED” and is the first artwork in the new season for Fourth Arts Block’s ArtUp program, in partnership with MaNY Project. Click through to watch the video.