Celebrate Oktoberfest (Yes, Oktoberfest) With AndrewAndrew Tonight


Tonight at Bedlam Bar, Lower East Side DJ’s-Extordinaire AndrewAndrew will be hosting Oktoberfest (don’t ask)! They’ll be doing these holiday-themed events once or twice a month.  Can Christmas in July be far behind?  The fun starts at 10 p.m. Bedlam is located at 40 Avenue C. And while we’re on the subject of AndrewAndrew we’d like to mention they’ll be part of the upcoming LES Film Festival.  The duo will be helping to judge the films, and they’ll be DJ’ing Sunday night, June 16.

AndrewAndrew Makes a Home on the Lower East Side (Interview)

Photo by Alex M. Smith.

Editor’s note: The following article originally appeared in the July issue of The Lo-Down’s print magazine.

To say AndrewAndrew is one of New York’s most dynamic DJ duos does not do the pair justice. Besides being known as “the first iPod DJs” and now as “ the first iPad DJs,” the two Andrews have been dressing identically, reviewing theater on and off Broadway, and hosting radio shows and live events for more than a decade.

They are self-titled “ubergeeks,” enthusiasts for New York City culture in general, and seem to be warm-hearted Renaissance men. Many people consider them performance artists, or at least a “collective.” They often finish each other’s sentences, always enhancing or clarifying what the other one is saying. Spending time with them certainly has the effect of spending time with one persona. To keep the line between the two of them blurry, they never disclose their last names.

AndrewAndrew’s Fabulous Visit to Mission Chinese

Boy did AndrewAndrew like this place (not to mention the Twin Peaksy bathroom)!  So much so, they recommend moving to the L.E.S. so you can order take-out.  So far chef Danny Bowien’s Mission Chinese, which opened Tuesday,  has been garnering big thumbs up.

The Lower East Side’s Newest Food Critics – AndrewAndrew

Our friends (and new neighbors) AndrewAndrew recently discovered the sandwiches at Sunny and Annie’s deli (94 Ave. B at E. 6th St.). Everyone (including AndrewAndrew) agrees, the deli’s “Pho Real” sandwhich is particularly delicious.  Check out their “Insta-Review” above.

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A fun way to keep up with the Fringe Fest (running in various downtown venues through Sunday, the 29th) is to follow the video posts AndrewAndrew have been doing for TimeOutNY’s blog, Upstaged. They are seeing everything and give brief, often biting, always honest video “insta-reviews” of the shows.