Bluestockings Bookstore Finds a New Home on the LES, Continues Fundraising

Photo by The Lo-Down
Photo by The Lo-Down

Bluestockings Bookstore reports, via their Instagram account, that they have found a new home in another Lower East Side location, at 116 Suffolk St., after announcing they would have to move from their longtime home at 172 Allen St. The collectively owned and volunteer-run activist center says it raised enough money to put down a security deposit, but will continue to fundraise in order to complete their move. They write:

We have the keys to a new home! We want to build a beautiful, accessible space that can better resource our community and we need your continued support–y’all have shown such love since we announced our plans to relocate. Thanks to the amazing fundraiser we held in June, “Another World is Possible!” we raised enough money to put down a security deposit on a new space and secure the future of Bluestockings just a few blocks away at 116 Suffolk St, still in LES! We couldn’t have done this without the support of our sustaining members who have kept us afloat during this pandemic. We still have a lot of work ahead of us to make our new location into a real home for our queer, trans and SWing family + movements!…Here’s to creating and sustaining radical spaces! Here’s to making our spaces safer and more accessible!

You can donate to the “Build a New Home for Bluestockings in the LES” fundraiser here.