10 Below Ice Cream Opens on Allen Street Tomorrow

Richard Tam at the Allen St. location

Richard Tam at the Allen St. location

Rolled ice cream is coming to the Lower East Side. Known for its Thai-inspired rolled ice cream prepared on cold metal plates and mixed with a variety of different toppings, 10Below opens a new location tomorrow at 132 Allen St.

This new spot is much larger than 10Below’s Queens and Chinatown outposts, and features two additional ice cream machines that will double production. Work by local artists will adorn the walls and multiple seating areas will allow plenty of room for ice cream fanatics.  According to the shop’s owner, Richard Tam, setting up shop on the Lower East Side was a no-brainer. “We grew up in this area, we know this area of downtown,” Lam said, “and the Lower East Side is ideal for our customers.” Tam also views Allen Street as an up and coming locale and wants 10Below to be one of the next shops to participate in the emerging bustle of downtown.

The LES branch will serve as an experimental space where Tam and his team can create different flavors. “One of the flavors that we have slated is our old mango strawberry, ‘Mo Money Mo Mango’. We’re also bringing in a pistachio flavor and a potato chip and honey. But those are just a few things I’m working on,” he said. Tam plans to introduce two to three additional flavors by the end of the season.

When asked if they are anticipating another three-hour waiting line, as happened when 10Below opened on Mott Street in Chinatown, Tam said, “We never want to get our hopes up. We’re just trying to serve as many people as possible, have everyone leave the store with a smile, and make sure they got what they intended to come here for — great tasting, and great looking ice cream.”

For the grand opening, LES 10 Below will offer more than half off of their famous ice cream. Hours of operation are from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m..