CB3 Tries Yet Again To Send the Mayor a Message on Rivington House

45 Rivington St.

45 Rivington St.

For the moment, the uproar in the mainstream media over the Rivington House debacle has died down.

Multiple investigations are ongoing into the city’s decision to lift a deed restriction that required the facility to be operated as a not-for-profit health care facility. A Buildings Department “stop work order” remains into effect, delaying for the moment conversion of the property to luxury condos. Meanwhile, Community Board 3 has sent another resolution to Mayor de Blasio regarding Rivington House.

As you might recall, CB3 sent an initial resolution to the mayor Jan. 27, detailing the controversial change by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services and urging a reversal of the decision. No one in authority apparently read the resolution. Weeks later, the issue became a scandal. Will anyone in the mayor’s office respond to this most recent letter? It was sent April 27. No reply so far.


You can read the full text here. Essentially, the new resolution underscores the board’s position that the deed restriction should be reinstated, that the building should be returned to the community and that it should resume operations as a skilled nursing facility. We previously explained the board’s thinking behind the new missive to the mayor.