Invader Reportedly Arrested Overnight on Orchard Street

space invader orchard 2

Space Invader piece was short-lived on the facade of 90 Orchard St. Photo by Mark Miller.

The French street artist, Invader, has been making his mark on the Lower East Side in the past few days.  This afternoon we’re hearing he was arrested overnight while putting the finishing touches on a new piece in the neighborhood. Property owner Mark Miller, who owns 90 Orchard Street and operates an art gallery in the building, said police called him this morning with the news that they’d picked up Space Invader and his crew as they were installing this mosaic piece above the Earnest Sewn clothing shop at the intersection of Orchard and Broome streets.  Police said the mysterious artist had been taken into custody.

Photo by Mark Miller.

Photo by Mark Miller.

Photo by Mark Miller.

Photo by Mark Miller.

This afternoon, Miller had removed the mosaic and workers scrubbed the wall clean.  The piece is mostly intact, and Miller intends to keep it in his possession. He’s not planning to sell the mosaic.  We put a call into the NYPD to ask for details about the early morning arrest, which according to Miller occurred at 3 or 4 a.m.  It’s not the first time Invader has had a run-in with cops. He was arrested in Los Angeles in 2011.

Photo: The Lo-Down.

Photo: The Lo-Down.


  • ChickaChicka

    douchebag – it looked cool, just leave it on your wall. these cops are bored.

  • RoundPonda

    I’ll bet he sells it… $$$…..

  • david

    Dumb timing on Space kadet’s part. They are making a film there and there is all sorts of workers and watchmen there.

  • D.Meyer

    Give the work to a local gallery, don’t be greedy. That’s art, man.

  • Bucky Turco

    Mark Miller owns the gallery right below the building. I see no problem with him keeping it.

  • TommyLoveWingy

    lol giving it to a gallery who will then charge money for it to pay administrators’ salaries… as if that’s the “right” thing to do.

  • Bob Log

    Whatever, these mosaics just aren’t really that cool anyway, looked stupid up there on that corner.

  • drivenbyboredom

    His simple, smaller stuff is a lot more interesting. You have to look for it. These bigger ones are pretty ugly.

  • David Gonz

    paint !

  • Deaunte

    Howd they get this off perfectly?

  • oh well

    It’s funny that now it’s street art, but when it was done in the early days it was vandalism. This has to be stopped if not we go back to the 70’s and these idiots will start leaving this crap all over the place. next one will be on a train. If you don’t get permission from the building owner then it’s vandalism…