New Gallery Makes Headlines With Controversial Natalie White Show

Last night at 86 Delancey St.

Last night at 86 Delancey St.

If the new gallery, Rox, on Delancey Street was looking for controversy (and publicity) they certainly found it. This morning, the Post recaps events last night at the opening of a provocative show, “Who Shot Natalie White,” which features dozens of nude images of the model/muse by famous photographers. The police were called to the scene in the afternoon, after residents apparently complained about the images of White in the window. They did not shut the show down (there were no legal grounds to do so) but the photos were not visible in the window at around 9 p.m. last night.

First Amendment attorney Ron Kuby, who was hired by the gallery in anticipation of the hullabalu, criticized the cops for going inside for a personal tour by White, asking, “Why did they feel it was necessary to come inside and meet the naked girl?… Maybe they’re just being thorough, leaving no stone unturned.” When we stopped by last night, there was a small scuffle outside the gallery, but it ended quickly. Just another night on the Lower East Side.

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