L.E.S. Pickle Day Cancelled

Not too surprising but, another unfortunate cancellation has been sent our way — our friends at the LES BID have just written to say that Pickle Day, previously re-scheduled last Sunday to this Sunday, has been officially cancelled.

They write: (We are) reaching out now to let you know that after much back and forth we have decided that we have been left with no choice but to cancel Pickle Day. As you know and have lived through, our area was hit very hard… We all know how difficult it would be to try and pull an event together without guarantees of power and with all this spotty cell phone service. Coming to this decision has been extremely difficult for us as we’ve had to weigh out all possible scenarios and outcomes (not to mention how sad we are about having to do this!).

Also Open: Eastside Kosher Grocery

At the Eastside Kosher grocery at 504 Grand Street candles and batteries are going fast — and sales people of all ages are pitching in.


Speaker Silver Sets Up Mobile Office on Grand Street

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s staff has just set up a mobile office on Grand Street between Lewis and Jackson. You can come by to charge your cell phone. There’s also water available and staffers are on hand to answer questions from constituents.

Lower East Side Bar Crawl: Post-Sandy Style

Forgtmenot co-owner Abby Sierros was serving up candlelight, cold draft beer and steak frites last night.

The streets were dark and quiet last night, as most Lower East Side residents huddled in their homes or fled to friends and relatives, but for those who ventured out post-superstorm Sandy, food, drink and comaraderie were on tap at several bars and restaurants. Just as many locally owned coffee shops were functioning while Starbucks all over town remained locked up tight, the establishments that opened their doors to their neighbors last night were generally the ones owned by the neighbors. There were no honking taxis or stretch limos dropping off stiletto-clad visitors from outside the LES, no DJs on the scene, just locals chilling out with each other and killing time until life gets back to normal.

169 Bar on East Broadway ran a small generator and a big party.

At 169 bar on East Broadway shortly after 7 p.m., the beer-and-a-shot $3 happy hour special was flowing freely to patrons relieved to get out of the house for a while, and pleasantly surprised to find generator-powered lights, plenty of company and even a little food. At Forgetmenot on Division Street, co-owners Abbie and Paul Sierros had a system. Abbie was behind the candelabra-lit bar, cheerfully offering to cook anything from the remaining contents of her refrigerator: steak, french fries and eggs. Meanwhile, Paul kept the power coming via a long extension cord plugged into an electrical inverter in a van parked out front.

Tree Smashes Through Fence on Rutgers

The scene in front of 80 Rutgers. A tree smashed through an iron fence and is now completely blocking the street.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: More Photos From Readers

A tree down in Corlears Hook Park. Photo by Bahram Foroughi.

Here are some more excellent photos of Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath from our readers.  Keep them coming. And keep us updated on the recovery out there.  We are all standing by for more information on the return of power.

Corlears Hook. Photo by Bahram Foroughi.

The FDR was closed on Tuesday after the storm. Photo by Bahram Foroughi.

More great photos after the jump!

Generators Deployed to Public Housing Complexes

The Rutgers Houses is one of several public housing developments on the LES now benefiting from portable generators. They’re being used to restore water service. We just interviewed NYCHA officials about their efforts. A full report later this afternoon.

Trees Down on FDR Drive

Photo by Lee Berman.

Thanks to Lo-Down reader Lee Berman for sending along this photo of two trees down on FDR Drive, just north of Houston Street.

Long Live the Pay Phone!

East Broadway at Rutgers Street.

After the Storm: Henry St. Settlement Serving Elderly

Vladeck Houses, earlier today.

This was the scene outside the Vladeck public housing complex on Henry Street about an hour ago.  The Henry Street Settlement had some hot dogs and hamburgers left over from a recent community day, so staff fried them up and offered a hot lunch to local residents.   Today we caught up with David Garza, who’s executive director at Henry Street, one of the neighborhood’s largest social service providers.

The organization serves thousands of seniors at local community centers and operates several senior housing facilities. Garza said 83 families were evacuated from the Urban Family center, a shelter near FDR Drive.   People were also evacuated from Helen’s House, a facility on Henry Street for single moms and kids under the age of eight.

Huge Tree Topples on East Broadway

Here’s one of the bigger tree casualties we’ve seen.  This one’s on East Broadway, in font of the Seward Park Co-op (just west of Clinton Street).



Also Open: Big Apple Deli, Corner of East Broadway & Montgomery

The corner bodega on East Broadway and Montgomery is now open.  And most importantly, they have water.

City Crews Working on Orchard Street

This morning workers from the Department of Transportation are repairing downed street signs on Orchard Street.

Waiting on Allen Street

A long wait for the bus this morning on Allen Street, at Stanton.

Lost Weekend Fires Up the Grill

The guys at Lost Weekend at 45 Orchard Street are serving up coffee with the help of a propane grill.