Follow-up: Drowsy Truck Driver Smashes Parked Cars

Photos by Erin Egan Rodriguez.

More now on the accident on Delancey Street this morning in which a sanitation truck badly damaged between six and eight parked cars.  We’re told authorities do not believe the driver was intoxicated. Instead, they say, it appears he fell asleep in the moments before ramming into the cars early this morning.  The driver stayed on the scene until police arrived. As you can see from these photos (sent in by TLD contributor Erin Egan Rodriguez) the truck’s right-rear tire was wrecked during the ordeal.  The parked cars, however, got the raw end of the deal.

2 comments to Follow-up: Drowsy Truck Driver Smashes Parked Cars

  • Judge_EDD

    My heart goes out to all those car owners whose ride was wrecked by this kats passing out behind the wheel.  On the bright side, at least no one got hurt or killed.

  • Joey101

    Man I park in those exact same spots all the time…it is only by pure luck that I was not parked there Monday morning and was actually right across the street or my ride would have been totaled.  Crazy.