Fire at 101 Orchard: Congee Village to Reopen Friday

Congee Village, 100 Allen Street.

Here’s a follow-up on Saturday morning’s fire at 101 Orchard Street/101 Allen Street. This afternoon Congee Village management says they expect to reopen Friday, after making repairs in the kitchen.

While the Fire Department has not yet determined a cause, it appears the fire began in the restaurant and smoke then worked its way through the building’s ducts. Today workers were removing large equipment from the kitchen and hauling it away. They’re also taking the opportunity to give the place a good scrub-down inside and out. Congee Village posted a sign on its front door advising customers that the establishment is “closed for maintenance.”  They were encouraged to visit Congee Bowery (207 Bowery).

Workers remove equipment from Congee Village kitchen.

The building is right next door to the Tenement Museum. Today Kira Garcia, a museum spokesperson, confirmed that there was no damage to the facilities from the fire. On Saturday, tour guides met groups outside at the corner of  Orchard and Delancey streets, since firefighters had blocked off Orchard, making it impossible for people to congregate inside the museum.

According to StreetEasy there are 15 apartments on the upper floors of 101 Orchard. We contacted the owner, C and K Realty Development, today. A woman answering the phone declined to discuss the fire or its aftermath.