Ruhalter Quitting Essex Street Market

Jeffrey's Meat, officially closing shop at the Essex Street Market - photo by

A short time ago Jeffrey Ruhalter of Jeffrey’s Meats told us he’s not reopening his shop in the Essex Street Market. Three months ago Ruhalter temporarily closed the store to get his finances in order. His rent was due for an increase but Ruhalter’s landlord, the Econmic Development Corp., had been working with him on moving to a smaller space. (Ruhalter released a statement citing the EDC’s support back in March.)

Unfortunately, he was unable to come up with a way to save the butcher shop, which had been a fixture in the market since 1940.

Here’s a statement released today by the EDC:

“We wish Jeffrey the best, and thank him and the Ruhalter family for their decades of dedication to the market and its customers. We will now move forward with finding a new vendor to reactivate Jeffrey’s former space and look forward to continuing the success of this vibrant public market which serves the Lower East Side community.”

4 comments to Ruhalter Quitting Essex Street Market

  • Visit Susan

    So sad.  I will miss the best butcher shop in the city!

  • David

    Too bad, that place needs a good butcher.

  • Agentkodiak7

    When my cat was dying, and refusing to eat, I told Jeffrey about it.  He told me to boil
    chicken legs and thighs with some garlic and feed that to her.  He gave me the chicken as a gift.  I did as he said, and she started eating again.  She did die, but she lived longer on account of Jeffery’s kindness and generosity.

  • guest

    Does anyone know if he will re-open elsewhere?