Neighbors Organize to Save Ray’s Candy Store


Photo from: Neither More Nor Less

Lilly O'Donnell grew up in the neighborhood. She fondly recalls going to Ray's Candy Store with her grandfather. Now, along with other supporters of a neighborhood institution, Lilly is trying to save Ray Alvarez from eviction.

For more than a week, the story has been front and center on Bob Arihood's blog, Neither More Nor Less, and on EV Grieve. Over the weekend, there was a big piece on Ray's dilemma in "The Shadow."  In the latest chapter of a saga that's been going on for several years, his landlord is vowing to padlock the Avenue A store unless Ray pays $8-thousand in back rent.

Lilly says this is no average rent dispute. Ray, who desperately needs a hernia operation, has been having problems getting his social security checks. Days away from his 77th birthday, Lilly says Ray "literally can't eat" if he doesn't have the store. 

Lilly has set up a Facebook page to coordinate donations for Ray. If you'd like to help, click here.