L.E.S. Partners

LES Partners is a platform that gives not-for-profit organizations the opportunity to showcase their contributions in our community. These stories are paid for by the organizations that are featured, or by local individuals/businesses who support their mission. They are not part of The Lo-Down's regular news coverage and are not written by our editorial staff.

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OutSnapped + LES Partnership Launch Photo Booth Sweepstakes ’18

Here’s something interesting for any Lower East Side small business looking to supercharge its promotions. …

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Stay Up to Date With the LES Partnership!

The Lower East Side Partnership (LESP) is responsible for marketing and economic development initiatives that are designed to improve overall quality of life conditions on the Lower East Side. We regularly partner with locally based community organizations and institutions in order to increase exposure and drive foot traffic to merchants, cultural, and community facilities that act as the anchor institutions for our neighborhood. …

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