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LES Bites: Contra and Pearl & Ash Teams Prep New Restaurants, Fung Tu Makes Its Mark, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

Fawzy and Ola Abdelwahed, sit an an empty B&H Dairy.

It’s a Good Time to Appreciate B & H Dairy

5 Doyers St.

A Big New Venue For Historic Doyers Street; More About “Chinese Tuxedo”

Ratners Menu

An Ode to Ratner’s Delicatessen

After the recent departure of the Sleepy’s mattress store on Delancey Street, the old shadow from the former Ratner’s Delicatessen sign was exposed, triggering many residents’ memories of the old kosher dairy. Thanks to Lo-Down reader Jesse Ash for sending along this poem and the link to a great NY Public Library archive of Ratner’s menu from 1987. …

Luca and Bosco's version of the ice cream sandwich.

LES Bites: La Gamelle Opens April 22, Taste of 7th, Sampling Ice Cream Sandwiches

357-359 Grand St.

“Tables on Grand” Still In-the-Works For Former Shalom Chai Space

b&h dairy

Beloved B&H Dairy Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Dimes announced its move on Instagram.

LES Bites: Dimes on the Move, Best Chef Nominees, Goa Taco Stays Awhile Longer

Kiki's, 130 Division St.

Kiki’s is Now Open at 130 Division St.

Suri poses in front of Punjabi Deli on East Houston Street, where he hopes the taxi stand will be located. Photos by Linda Li.

Rapper Heems Gets Behind Punjabi Deli’s Taxi Stand Campaign (Updated)