Local Musician Jill Fiore Entertains and Inspires From Her Fire Escape

The Fiore Escape: All photos by  Bob Krasner
The Fiore Escape: All photos by Bob Krasner
A crowd gathered on Essex Street between Grand and Hester streets (above Delancy Car Service) last weekend for an inspired performance by local musician Jill Fiore. She’s been getting some attention by keeping people dancing with her warm-hearted and creative pandemic work-around, by performing live on her fire escape.
Fiore told us, “We had quite a crowd on Saturday, people directly in front and lining up across the street.  We did a nine-song set, mostly originals. We also did a really lovely cover of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac that became even more beautiful when the entire crowd started singing along. People were pouring out onto the streets, so much so that a member of the crowd started directing traffic.  It was a truly magical NYC night!
People are loving it and asking for more. I’m honored and delighted to be reaching and inspiring New Yorkers at a time they need it most. My songs are mostly about empowerment, coming through tough times better and stronger on the other side, and I’m trying to remind everyone to stay resilient and positive!”
photo by Bob Krasner
photo by Bob Krasner
In a preview by AMNY, Fiore said having COVID-19 earlier this year was part of what motivated the performance. She said it was “a siren call to get into ACTION, do what I want to do, how I want to do it, and share it with everyone around me to empower the hell out of them to get through anything they’re faced with.”
A story by NY 1 explained:
Fiore had been playing and performing for about a dozen years.
The free shows only  require the crowd wear masks and socially distance.
The first one went so well she wants to do it again to give a boost to the community she loves.
“I was planning on it being a one off but then it kind of became a responsibility, it was something that we had to do again,” said Fiore, who is getting ready to rock the fire escape again with Bassist Jason Taylor and Lead Guitarist, The Baron. Despite this creative way of bringing live music to people, she says she’s missing the city’s music venues, which are struggling tremendously during the pandemic.
You can follow Jill and find details for her upcoming shows on her Instagram feed @soundandfiore.