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Lantern Lifted to the Top of Jarmulowsky Bank Building

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Photo from a friend of TLD.
Photo from a friend of TLD.

If you were walking past Canal Street and Orchard Street Sunday morning, you likely came across a dramatic scene. A huge crane was in place to hoist a copper-coated lantern to the top of the Jarmulowsky Bank Building.  It’s the last major decorative element that needed to be installed before the scaffolding comes off, and the Jarmulowsky is reborn as a boutique hotel.

The 2,200 pound lantern now sits atop a 50-foot dome-spire, which is also covered in copper. The restoration of the spire is a big deal. The original dome was removed in 1990. But now the 1912 city-designated landmark has been returned to its former glory.

The Jarmulowsky building, located at 9 Orchard St., was purchased by DLJ Real Estate in 2011. The restoration has been in incredibly lengthy and arduous ordeal. (Read more of the back story here).





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