The Egg House: Pop-up Egg Museum Comes to the Lower East Side

Photo courtesy of the Egg House.
Photo courtesy of the Egg House.
Photo courtesy of The Egg House.

You know what the Lower East Side is missing? It’s an egg museum. Yes, really. Starting April 7, “a group of young talents who graduated from NYU, Parsons, SVA and Pratt Institute” are opening The Egg House pop-up at 195 Chrystie St.

Visitors are supposed to experience the museum through the eyes of an egg named Ellis. Here’s the pitch:

Embark on a journey with an ambitious egg living in the Lower East Side. As a new eggling arriving to New York City, Ellis hits the concrete jungle and visits the bright lights in Times Square. With little money, Ellis goes window shopping in Soho and visits the Met. On nights and weekends, Ellis works at a modest restaurant to keep the big dream alive of becoming a part of something greater. New York City is the playground to find yourself but coming to a new place with dreams sometimes can feel lonely. The Egg House is a place where we can come together and celebrate our dreams & aspirations and see what great things New York City has in store.

You’ll walk through the rooms of the house (the foyer, kitchen, garden, etc), taking in different egg-themed installations. Vendors such as Egg Shop and Eggloo are part of the pop-up, as well as the Breakfast Club, which hosts sit-down breakfast events, as Food & Wine explained, hosted “by a chef who is not known for cooking breakfast.”

Tickets go on sale on Thursday. The Egg House will be open for three months.