Residents at La Guardia Houses Coping With No Heat and Hot Water


Low temperatures dipped into the 20s over the weekend, making life pretty unpleasant for some residents of the La Guardia Houses. We understand heat was not working in a large block of apartments, and that hot water was shut off in many apartments, as well.

On Friday, we heard from local District Leader Daisy Paez, who was trying to raise the issue with NYCHA. She spoke with one family, who took their infant to a friend’s home to warm up for the day on Sunday. Another resident has been keeping a log of the problems and efforts to get the heat turned on.

Local elected officials were also on the case, helping to set up warming centers at the La Guardia Houses. State Assembly member Yuh Line Niou told us, “No tenant should spend these cold, winter months without basic heating services, especially as we approach the holidays. My office has been in touch with tenants at La Guardia Houses about the heat outages there, and I’ve been pressuring NYCHA to restore heating promptly.” Noting that hundreds of families live at the La Guardia Houses, including many children and seniors, Niou said, “it’s critical that we keep them safe and warm this winter.”