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Three Candidates Vye to Lead Community Board 3

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cb3 board candidates
(L-R) Jamie Rogers, Enrique Cruz, Anne Johnson.

Members of Community Board 3 next month will be selecting new leadership.

Gigi Li is relinquishing her position as board chairperson after four years (new rules prevent her from running for a fifth one-year term).  Last night, three candidates were nominated for chairperson.

They are: Jamie Rogers, currently CB3’s assistant secretary and owner of Pushcart Coffee; Enrique Cruz, founder of ALBOR (The Association of Latino Business Owners and Residents); and Anne Johnson, one of the longest serving members of CB3, a former board chairperson in the late 198os and a tax accountant.

The lead-up to the nominations was a bit confusing.  In the past month, a number of board members considered running for chairperson. There was a good deal of back-and-forth before one candidate, Alysha Lewis Coleman (CB3’s second vice chair), emerged as a leading contender. But she withdrew her name last night. In a phone conversation today, Coleman told us she decided against running for personal reasons.

The election will take place next month at CB3’s full board meeting. While Gigi Li’s tenure as board chairperson is coming to an end, she’ll be keeping a high profile. Li is one of several candidates running in the upcoming Democratic Primary to replace Sheldon Silver in the New York State Assembly’s 65th District.

In other board news, Li announced the appointments of two new committee chairpersons. Trever Holland, an activist in the Two Bridges area, is now head of the Parks Committee. David Ford, who works in healthcare marketing, is in charge of the economic development committee.


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