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City Plans Shared Bike Lane on Delancey Street Alongside Williamsburg Bridge

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Delancey Bike Lane

Planners from the city’s Department of Transportation briefed members of Community Board 3 this week on some modest changes on Delancey Street in the name of bike safety.

In the past, bicyclists coming from East River Park were routed to Grand Street in order to access the Williamsburg Bridge. Now they’re being sent along the north side of Delancey. DOT plans to add a shared automobile/bike lane on Delancey (with painted lines in the street). The plan, city officials say, will create greater awareness of bicyclists and offer a more direct route to the bridge.

You can see details in the presentation posted below.

2015 05 Delancey St North Bicycle Route by The Lo-Down

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  1. Painting “Sharrows” on the asphalt is the bare minimum and offer essentially no safety for cyclists. And on a street as wide as Delancey is under the bridge – basically the DOT saying “short of doing absolutely nothing, what’s the very LEAST we can do”. Shame.

  2. The presentation seems to ignore the fact that everyone treats Delancey North as a two lane street. Both sides are wide enough for a separated bike lane–though that may get in the way of all the city employees at Fort Pitt parking unsafely.

    Also, I wonder if this means that the east side of Mangin Street will finally have some alternate side parking regulation installed. (Currently, you can leave your car there indefinitely.)

  3. Correct, this will do nothing about lines of sight at basically every intersection along Delancey South being blocked by illegally parked cars with NYPD and FDNY placards.

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