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New Members Appointed to Community Board 3

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Enrique Cruz.
Enrique Cruz.

There are five new members of Community Board 3. The appointees were selected by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and local City Council members.  Here they are:

  • Christopher Santana, a firefighter.
  • Karlin Chan, a leader of the Chinatown Freemason’s Club and a Mulberry Street resident.
  • Lisa Burriss, who owns Cafe Khufu on East 3rd St., and is a former organizer for Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES), the housing rights group.

Burriss and Zayas were appointed by City Council member Rosie Mendez. Brewer appointed the others.  City Council member Margaret Chin did not make any appointments this year. There are 50 members of each community board.

Among the CB3 members choosing to drop out were: Wilson Tang, Bernard Marti, Stephanie Domenici and Elinor Tatum.  Next up for the board: executive committee elections later this spring.

Here’s the full list of appointments, including reappointments, from the borough president’s office:

Jan Hanvik
Linda Jones
Meghan Joye
Ben Landy
William LoSasso
Chad Marlow
Enrique Cruz (NEW)
Alexandra Militano
Chiun Ng
Joyce Ravitz
James Rogers
Christopher Santana (NEW)
Karlin Chan (NEW)
MyPhuong Chung
Vaylateena Jones
Ricky Leung
Kan Chi Li
Justin Yu
Rodney Washington
David Adams
David Crane
Lisa Kaplan
Carol Kostik
Nancy Rose Sparrow-Barton
Zulma Zayas (NEW)
Lisa Burriss (NEW)

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  1. While it’s great to know what these folks do for a living, do any of them actually LIVE in CB3? How about giving us information that really matters. It would be sad to live in a CB that is run by people who don’t.

  2. The list has not been officially released by the Borough President’s office. Typically, no information is made available about appointees, but I’m sure we’ll be finding out more about the new board members soon.

  3. enrique cruz is the man. can’t wait for you to beat gigi and be the chair and beat her again be councilman cruz. sleeping giant is awake. LMAO susuan and Gigi

  4. Lisa will be difficult if you disagree with her. It would be nice if people on the board didn’t have a bias going into every meeting and could be open minded.

    I would like to congratulate Enrique Cruz, Christopher Santana, Karlin Chan, Zulma Zayas and Lisa Burriss (former GOLES & PHROLES organizer, Cafe Khufu owner and an original LES resident) whom is my all time favorite. I pleased to know Lisa Burriss is on board.

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