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Children’s Magical Garden Feud With Developer is Rekindled

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The Children's Magical Garden on Stanton and Norfolk.
The Children’s Magical Garden on Stanton and Norfolk.

We are on the scene at the Children’s Magical Garden at Stanton and Norfolk where a long standing dispute has been rekindled between the community and developer Serge Hoyda.  Hoyda has planned to develop a portion of this site for some time now. A fence is being installed and we are told cutting crews are standing by. Police officers are here, trying to keep the peace. We will have more as this story unfolds.

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  1. from the Children’s Magical’s FB page ( http://www.facebook.com/groups/childrensmagicalgarden/)

    Call 311 or 212-788-3000 for out of towners

    Ask mayor Mike to
    1- immediately transfer the 2/3 of the community garden under his agency into Parks GreenThumb
    2- Offer a swap to the developer (who is willing) and is also requested by our councilmember Chin

    Banner Painting and Speak Up at the community garden tmw Thursday 2-4pm
    and Sat 12-2, please come speak and help. Stanton and Norfolk. Invite
    press and all
    you know.
    Check the site for updates

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