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A Swarm of Bees on Grand Street!

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Photos by Joey R.

Imagine looking out the window and seeing something like this – a swarm of bees clinging to the window. A resident of the Seward Park Co-op on Grand Street noticed the swarm yesterday afternoon and called the co-op’s maintenance department.  The situation was taken care of promptly, as you can see from the photos after the jump. Thanks to Joey R. for these pictures.


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  1. You missed an important part of the story. Did this guy kill the bees or capture them? Bees are valuable, both monetarily and in terms of the environment.

  2. Agreed. Who is he, what is he spraying (typically bee keeper/handlers smoke the bees out and take them away).
    Ugh. I have no confidence in anything Seward Park does which results in the situation “taken care of promptly”.

  3. How about some follow up from the LoDown ‘s investigative journalists? The only way for residents to determine what exactly happened would be to contact management who may, or may not, honestly report what was done.
    An inquiry from a well-regarded local media outlet might yield more honest reply. Thanks!

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