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New Film Documents Orchard Street Leather Shop Merchants

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Down Orchard Street (Official Documentary Trailer) from C.K. Dexter Haven on Vimeo.

There’s a new documentary about life on the Lower East Side’s dwindling leather district. Here’s the trailer for “Down Orchard Street,” a film by Courtney Fathom Sell.  The doc was shot by Louis Ressy, an Orchard Street native, who captured “the daily lives of his friends and co-workers. More from the description on the film’s Vimeo page:

For years, Orchard Street has been known for its Leather apparel stores and the abrasive personalities who run and work at them. With gentrification slowly eating away at the true core of the Lower East Side, ‘Down Orchard Street’ is a unique look at one of the city’s’ most historic yet endangered locations. Utilizing the everyday issues in which the Subjects deal with, and the store workers as the main characters, ‘Down Orchard Street’ spans out almost as a sitcom, and is a revealing, occasionally heartbreaking glimpse into the true essence of the Lower East Side.


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