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CB3 Resumes Debate On Delancey Street Safety Plan Tonight

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Proposed Delancey Street reconfiguration. Image: DOT rendering.

Tonight Community Board 3’s Transportation Committee will resume its discussion regarding safety improvements along Delancey Street. Last month,  the Department of Transportation proposed several changes to address community concerns in the aftermath of numerous pedestrian accidents. These changes include narrowing Delancey by creating pedestrian plazas, changing some traffic patterns and re-opening Clinton Street at Delancey. The DOT is hoping CB3 will sign off on the plan this evening, so that the improvements can be implemented by early summer.

The plan was generally well received, but community board members did have a few concerns that will likely be raised again tonight.  Among the potential sticking points: new rules that would ban cars from turning left from southbound Essex Street on to Delancey and require cars heading west on the Delancey Street service road to turn right on to Clinton (right now they have the option of going straight).  In the past, prople who live on Clinton have complained that cars and trucks use the street as a passageway through the neighborhood, creating a lot of noise and pollution.

Also this evening: the committee will consider:

  • A request for a no parking zone at 101 Norfolk, alongside Comprehensive Kids’ School.
  • A presentation from DOT about tis plan to deal with traffic issues on Division Street between Market and Bowery.
  • A proposal to remove cobblestones from Pitt Street under the Williamsburg Bridge.
  • A request from P.S. 42 for stop signs and speed bumps at Hester/Orchard and Hester/Ludlow.

The meeting takes place in the community room at Confucius Plaza, 33 Bowery, at 6:30 p.m.


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  1. Street crossing is perilous all the way down Delancey past Bialystoker. Lawless parking — especially in front of the police station — makes it extremely dangerous for both children and adults to cross the street. Cars are parked on the sidewalk, within the crosswalks, in intersections, and double parked for hours on end. It is very dangerous to cross these streets because the lawless parked cars block sight on approaching traffic. A good half if these illegally parked cars come from the precinct and firehouse. But it’s the wild west of lawless parking so many more do it. I also know of no ordinance which allows police officers and fireman to park their own private cars on the sidewalk. There are a half a dozen schools and playgrounds on this area. Our chikdren’s safety should not be put at risk for a cheap parking space

  2. “I don’t care if you make it across the street!” This is what one traffic guard said to me as he waved cars to turn against their light for no reason. They need to get rid of the traffic cops on Delancey. Their only concern is to wave cars through the intersection, then they go back to texting on their cell phones. 

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