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Firefighters Battle Late Night Blaze at 21 East 2nd Street

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21 East 2nd Street. Photo by Brittany Somerset.

A fire broke out at about 11:30  last night at 21 East 2nd Street, a six-story residential building located between 2nd Avenue and Bowery. No one was seriously injured, but it took about 140 firefighters to put out the flames.

A neighboring NYU dorm was evacuated due to heavy smoke.  The Red Cross is helping 30 adults and four children displaced by the fire. According to reports, the fire was extinguished in about two hours.  No word yet on the suspected cause. See more coverage from the Post, EV Grieve, Bowery Boogie and student/photographer Jason Lester’s Flickr photostream. Thanks to Brittany Somerset for sending us these images.

Photo by Brittany Somerset.


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  1. i have a family member that lives in that building his apartment was spared but his mother in-law wasn’t she went to the building the next day to find out that her jewelry was stolen

  2. I live in the building…. jewelry, ipad, ipod, external hard drives all stolen. Pathetic and irresponsible management company.

  3. i’m so sorry to hear about the fire. and even more sorry to hear about the thefts – how horrible! have you had any word on how/where the fire started?

  4. I work at one of the local firehouses that responded to this huge fire. Recently I’ve heard that people were coming by the firehouse that is closest to the fire location and claiming that the firefighters stole their property. We would never do anything like that….ever.

  5. It wasn’t the residents of the building that was saying fireman stole property it was management of the building telling residents that it was the fire department who stole  property. Resident complained to management about there stolen property that’s when they where told it was the fireman who must of taken there property.

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