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CB3 Wire: More Bar News

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Here’s the latest from CB3’s SLA Committee hearing:

  • A restaurant serving ramen and sushi was denied a wine/beer license at 121 Ludlow.  Noting that there are seven empty storefronts on the block, some committee members suggested there would have been a “public benefit” to approving the license. But the panel’s chair, Alex Militano, said 7th Precinct officers have told her this particular section of Ludlow is the “worst in the neighborhood” in terms of crowds and noise.
  • Ajaccio, a bar at 40 Avenue C, won the committee’s support for a transfer license.
  • The committee also agreed to support a sidewalk cafe license for Ballaro, at 77 2nd Avenue, in spite of the fact that the bar is already selling liquor outside without a permit.
  • CB3 decided to take no action on a request from Cosmic Cantina, 99 3rd Avenue, to serve liquor outside. The State Liquor Authority is weighing how to deal with the fact that the bar has been selling liquor on the sidewalk for at least the past three years.
  • Justified LLC, formerly Lilly Coogan’s at 102 1st Avenue, got the okay for a full liquor license.
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