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Guss’ Pickles To Leave Lower East Side

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We just received word from owner Patricia Fairhurst that she will be moving the famed Guss’ Pickles to Brooklyn.  Guss’ is often included as a site of interest in tours of the Lower East Side and has been in the neighborhood since 1920.  Patricia says she’s running out of room and can’t afford rent for a bigger space in the neighborhood since it’s changed so much.  When the city put a Muni Meter directly in front of her pickle barrels, blocking customers’ access, it was the last straw.

You can hear more from Patricia in our video posted here.

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  1. *giant sigh* Maybe the Pizza Hut mentioned in the comment on the Palazzo, will end up here. This is a sad day indeed. Dude, their pickled okra? Un-REAL.

  2. Not a big loss, considering the pickle maker of the Pickle Guys on Essex was trained by Guss, and would of continued to run Guss today if it weren’t for the fact that Guss wanted $$$ for the name. The pickles from the Pickle Guys are far and away superior to the tourist dross that Guss has become.

  3. Sounds to me like a little sour grapes (or pickles I guess) from Noah–
    welcome to Brooklyn—- where are they going ?

  4. I agree with Noah. However, the tourists easily passed Guss on Orchard. It is near the Tenement Museum. THey may not find their way over to the Pickle Guys.

  5. Well at least tourists will stop asking me where the pickle shop is on Saturdays. I’m like: “The kosher pickle shop?”; tourists: “Yes.”; “There are no kosher pickles on Saturday but there’s one place on Orchard below Broome, and another on Essex below Grand.”; Tourists: “Why not, we came here specially on the weekend.”; Me: “Because they’re kosher pickles.”; Tourists: “But they should open for tourists on the weekend.”; “They’re open on Sunday.”; “But not on Saturday? That’s weird.”
    I mean how many conversations like that can one person withstand?

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