'The Girl' virtual production

Metropolitan Playhouse

220 East 4th Street
between Avenues A and B
New York, NY 10009

This Saturday 4/3 at 8:00 EDT: A play from the Me First Generation “The Girl” by Edward Peple. Directed by Michael Hardart, the cast features Timothy C. Goodwin, Luke Hofmaier, and Perri Yaniv. Graphics by Vincent Gunn. Talkback with guest speaker to follow.

Frederick Cawley has wealth, power, and hubris, which should be enough to win him his "girl."  But a rival for her affections stands in his way, and he has to work a little.  He tries plan A, then plan B, but he doesn't expect there could be a plan C. Her plan.


Sunday, 04 April, 2021

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