The Dragon of Dreyfus Gulch


59 Canal Street basement
New York, NY 10002
United States

Wildrence & BerlingsBeard invite those who’ve not had the chance to fully explore the famous table top game Dungeons & Dragons to join us for an enhanced experience in a stage dressed game space  over a mug of ale or goblet of wine! 

Adventurers Requested! 

The thriving frontier mining town of Phandal includes all manner of prospectors, fur traders, farmers, and woodcutters drawn by stories of gold in the foothills of the Sword Mountains.

Dragon sightings have recently become commonplace and the residents of Phandal fear for their lives and homes.

Brave & accomplished adventurers are in dire need to face this threat!

Adventure awaits in this cooperative storytelling experience aimed at new players. 

Tuesday, 01 October, 2019

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