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Corlears Hook Park

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Come and learn some practical tools for taking care of yourself, through the practice of T'ai Chi Chuan. Principles, postures and movements from the T'ai Chi form will be introduced, to help you notice were you tend to hold tension in your body, release that tension, and develop a more relaxed, balanced state. Benefits are physical and psychological, enabling us to stay grounded and balanced, despite what life throws at us.

The class is for 5 weeks, every Tuesday night starting Tuesday May 7 at 6:30, presented by the New York School of Tai Chi Chuan. Tai chi is suitable for people of all ages, and no special clothing or equipment is required. Classes will be held on the center lawn and are weather permitting (follow us on social media for class cancellations).

For thousands of years, the principles and practice of T'ai Chi Chuan have been helping people to release tension, regain their health, and experience more of their full potential. Literally translated as "Supreme Ultimate Fist," T'ai Chi Chuan has been called the queen of martial arts. It's basic tenet is simple and evident in Nature- "In Softness there is Strength."


What is Tai Chi?

 T'ai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese system of movement for health and vitality. Its practice results in increased awareness, sensitivity, and an unexcelled art of self-defense. The T'ai Chi form consists of a series of postures performed in a slow, continuous sequence. Unlike exercise that relies on muscular force and tension, the graceful movements of T'ai Chi emphasize relaxation, straightness, and true balance.

The T'ai Chi form taught by the New York School of T'ai Chi Chuan, and it's parent organization, the T'ai Chi Foundation, was refined from the Yang Family form by Master Cheng Man-Ch'ing. This form, commonly known as Yang Style Short Form, takes only 7–10 minutes to perform and is a complete physical exercise, balancing and rejuvenating both the internal organs and external musculature.

Learn more (https://www.taichichuan.org/what-is-tai-chi-chuan-2/)


About the New York School of T'ai Chi Chuan (https://www.taichichuan.org/about-the-new-york-school-of-tai-chi-chuan/)


About the instructor (https://katemansfieldacupuncture.weebly.com/about-kate.html)

Tuesday, 28 May, 2019

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