Dysorderlies at Pianos

Pianos NYC

158 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002

I am a family doctor who runs the homeless services for a large organization in NYC.  I see patients in a soup kitchen, shelter and on the street. We have a fundraiser at each gig and collect socks and reading glasses for my clients.  I had a patient with frostbite two winters ago and decided that to make sure that I could give my clients socks during the winter.  Since then I have not seen any cases of frostbite.  We are also starting to record an album where the proceeds will go into a fund that provides essentials for my homeless clients once they are housed.   We are a rock and roll band for social change going after something big and helping create an environment where others can go after their dreams. 

Dysorderlies "because life is".

 As we go you go!!!

We will be playing at

Pianos 158 Ludlow street Sunday December 18th at 8:30pm


Bitter End Friday January 22nd at 7pm


Check out our website: dysorderlies.com

Watch the video "Bully"  about a mom's reaction to her son being bullied.  We don't have any professional recordings yet have started recording an EP that should be done early in the new year.



Sunday, 13 December, 2015


Nikki Neretin


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