16mm Film Screening: 3 Films by Paul Winkler

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Brick Wall-1975. 22 mins

Conjoining his life as a bricklayer and filmmaker, Winkler constructs a film which, on one level simply records the temporal process of bricklaying, but on another is a highly abstract study that transforms the wall's structural identity.


Red Church-1976. 17 mins.

This structural film joins a study of light and color with a sense of spirituality. The film involves a complex transposition of that image through multiple exposures within the camera. The images become more abstract and blurred, almost liquid. As the film emulsion wears down, the image becomes lighter and more translucent.


Sydney Harbour Bridge-1977. 13 mins.

Winkler uses an in-camera matting technique to present a choreographic study of Australia's Sydney Harbour Bridge. Beginning with a panoramic view of the bridge popular in tourist postcards, the filmmaker manipulates the image in complex transpositions.

Wednesday, 15 May, 2019


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Phone: 212-477-6770
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