Zero Food Waste Popup

miLES Popup Launchpad

103 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002

The Zero Food Waste Popup is the resulting prototype of the Do Tank, a project led by miLES in collaboration with OpenIDEO and the NYU School of Engineering. Leveraging the Human Centered Design process and the experimental spirit of popup entrepreneurship, the Do Tank gives concerned citizens the resources, space and community they need to help pilot and realize ideas sparked by impact driven challenges.

For the inaugural challenge around food waste reduction, the Zero Food Waste Popup delves deeper with this question: how might we educate city dwellers on the impact of food waste so that they may make informed decisions on waste management? Through the multi-day event, participants are invited to explore the impact of food waste and how to help reach the city's goal of zero waste by 2030.

The popup kicks off on December 12 at 103 Allen St with community-led programming including LES Ecology Center, We Hate To Waste, GrowNYC and concludes with a party with Makeshift magazine on the 16th.

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RSVP for the party with Makeshift magazine on Dec 16:

Saturday, 12 December, 2015


LaTeisha Moore


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