Wing Shoon on East Broadway Shuttered by Marshal

Wing Shoon Closed by Health Department

Wing Shoon, 165 East Broadway

Yesterday we mentioned reader reports indicating that Wing Shoon, the restaurant at 165 East Broadway, had apparently been shut down by the Health Department. Now details from the most recent inspection have popped up online.  The city ordered the restaurant closed on Monday after Wing Shoon racked up 54 violation points.

Among the critical items cited in the inspection report: “evidence of rats,” “evidence of mice,” “Roaches present,” food prep areas not properly washed and cold food items not kept above 41 degrees. A woman answering the phone at the restaurant this afternoon said the business remains closed for cleaning. She said they would reopen tomorrow morning.


Wing Shoon: Decent Dim Sum, Great Air Conditioning

Wing Shoon Seafood Restaurant, on the site of the former Garden Cafeteria, East Broadway, New York

From Eating in Translation's Flickr photostream.

Once a legendary kosher cafeteria, 165 East Broadway, has been home to the Chinese restaurant Wing Shoon since the mid-1980’s. While not exactly legendary, it’s a fairly popular place and a go-to spot for dim sum East of Allen. Our food guy, Mitch Weinstein, and his culinary companion, “Significant Eater,” recently gave Wing Shoon the once-over:

Wing Shoon

In the former home of the legendary Garden Cafeteria, this old-school Cantonese restaurant does a reasonably decent job with dim sum, barbecued meats and seafood dishes. The price is right. Downside: they don’t deliver.

165 East Broadway, at Rutgers


Hours: 7am-11pm