Talking to Strangers (on the L.E.S.)

Thanks to local resident, writer and Lo-Down reader Barbara Becker for sharing this recent post (and video) from her excellent blog, Beyond Siri.  It’s called, “Talking to Strangers,” and just goes to show you never know who you might meet here in the neighborhood:

“You did not talk to her,” my 9-year-old said incredulously.

“Not only did I talk to her,” I retorted, “I asked if I could videotape her.”

I had just run into the woman my son refers to as “Goooo Vegan.”  Our local post office has incomprehensibly long lines, and those of us waiting our turn were getting pretty grumpy.  Clerks and customers were being snippy with each other, people were talking loudly on their cell phones, others were cursing the wait and the whole darned US Postal Service.

Then Goooo Vegan jumped out of her place in line and started singing and dancing…