Gallery Goer: What to See This Week

Felipe Galindo-Rescue (Not)

Over at the Mark Miller Gallery on Orchard, check out Felipe Galindo’s show “No Man Is a Desert Island,” a collection of  about 50 whimsical cartoons from Galindo’s newly released book of the same title. The artist uses watercolor, ink on paper and digital media to play with the viewer—using various send-ups and gags that are guaranteed to spark a wry smile or two.

Felipe Galindo-No Man is a Desert Island

The Mexican-born Galindo’s work may be familiar to you; it has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, The Wall Street Journal, Mad, Nickelodeon and Barron’s, along with British pubs like Private Eye, Oldie, The Spectator and Prospect.