Judge Gives City Permission to Empty Essex Street Market Stall (Updated 9/5)

CB3 Asked For Feedback on SPURA Park, Fate of Essex Market Vendors Discussed

Here’s an update on the planning for Essex Crossing, the large residential and commercial project coming to the former Seward Park urban renewal area.

Followup: Essex Street Market Vendor Sues City, Alleging Discrimination

As we reported a couple of days ago, a longtime vendor in the Essex Street Market is fighting a decision from the city to force her from the retail facility.  This afternoon, there’s new information.

City Declines to Renew Permit For Longtime Essex Street Market Vendor

Lately, we’ve been talking about new arrivals at the Essex Street Market (bagels, ice cream and soup have been added to the retail mix).  But — pending legal proceedings — there’s also a noteworthy departure to report; a merchant who’s been part of the market for 23 years.