Op-Ed: Displacement from Tompkins Square Park Endangers “Crusties”

Photo credit: The Space at Tompkins.

The following op/ed was submitted to The Lo-Down by Andrea Stella, executive director of The Space at Tompkins. We welcome submissions about any and all Lower East Side-related topics. Opinion articles can be emailed to: tips@thelodownny.com.

Last week, the New York Times asked the question, “where have all the crusties gone (In East Village, Harbingers of Spring Are Missing)?” So now seems like as good a time as any to introduce our start-up non profit, The Space at Tompkins. The Space consists of East Village community members and members of the traveling/squatting community who recognize a gap in services for this unique group of individuals. We have been building the organization for the past two years, are now nine volunteers strong  and conduct walkabout outreach five days a week.