Police Seek Suspect in East Broadway Subway Attack

Tonight Police released a sketch of the suspect they’re searching for in the attack on a woman in the East Broadway subway station Friday night.  At around 6pm, a man went after Lower East Side resident Sabrina Scott, before a good Samaritan came to her defense.  In the scuffle that ensued, Scott was pushed onto the F Train tracks. Fortunately, Derrick Oates, the man who came to her aid, was able to pull Scott up before a train came along.

Police describe the suspect as a light-skinned, Hispanic male, 35-40 years old. 

Subway Attack Victim and Good Samaritan Reunited

Sabrina Scott, the woman attacked in the East Broadway subway station, was reunited yesterday with the good Samaritan who came to her defense. Channel 5 caught up with Sabrina as she was released from the hospital:

Subway Attack Victim Reunites with Savior: MyFoxNY.com

Train Trends: Charting the LES’s Resurgence

Financial blogger Felix Salmon takes note of a fascinating new chart (stay with me!) that tracks New York subway ridership through the years:

The Bowery J/M/Z stop has seen less ridership than any other subway
station in Manhattan for years, and there are always rumors floating
around that it might just be closed. Meanwhile, the Grand Street
station just a few blocks away has loads of traffic. Partly that’s a
function of the lines they’re on — the B/D lines are useful, while the
J/M/Z lines are notoriously unlikely to go anywhere you might ever want
to go. But it’s also a function of the fact that the Bowery stop is in
a weird not-quite-anything neighborhood, while the Grand Street stop is
increasingly finding itself in the heart of a very vibrant Chinatown. Meanwhile, the Essex and Delancey stop is only very slowly beginning
to pick up a little steam — it’s well behind the East Village on that

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