CB3 Committee Supports Stop Signs Near P.S. 110

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Members of Community Board 3 lent their support last night to a campaign by parents of P.S. 110 for stop signs outside the school. The parents appeared before CB3's transportation committee, telling members about safety concerns along Delancey near Lewis Street. They said cars speed through the intersection, not realizing that small children are crossing.

The committee passed a resolution called on the Department of Transportation to conduct a "stop sign traffic study." A DOT representative at the meeting said the study would take about six weeks to complete. Committee member Morris Faitelewicz wanted to add language to the resolution calling on teachers to stop parking their cars on the sidewalks. Faitelewicz, a board member of the nearby Hillman Housing Co-op, said the cars pose a danger to seniors, who are forced to walk in the streets.

Committee Chairman David Crane said it would be inappropriate to "hold hostage" the request for stop signs. Crane said the issue of the parked cars would be dealt with separately.

Request for Stop Signs Near P.S. 110

State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has asked New York City's Department of Transportation to install stop signs on Delancey and Lewis Streets, near P.S. 110 – The Florence Nightingale Elementary School. In a letter to DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan Silver said, in the absense of traffic signs along Delancey, "drivers frequently speed down these streets without any regard for the safety of school children, parents and other pedestrians."  The issue was on the agenda at last week's Community Board 3 transportation sub-committee meeting, but no parents showed up to speak on behalf of the proposal. The committee will take up the issue again at next month's meeting.

Stop The intersection of Delancey and Lewis Streets, near P.S. 110